All human bodies are managed by smooth circulation of blood and lymph. DOCTOR WRAPS drainage system helps various patients recover from skin imperfections by promoting blood and lymph circulation and metabolism. Lymph is the system that carries the waste materials away from the cells, while the blood brings in the nutrients to the cells. Stagnation of fluid makes the cells become exposed to an increased toxic condition. Increased lymphatic drainage deals with the stagnant lymph effectively.

Analysis of client's problems.Weighing of the patient and measuring of the areas that will be treated.

2. BRUSHING - dry peeling


It helps to remove the dead cells and stimulates the
micro-circulation, the nerve endings and the lymphatic system and tones up and gives energy or relaxes according to the method of execution.

On the Bed


Treatment preparation before application and treatment is applied following the recommended methodology. The patient is wrapped in a plastic sheet/pants or combining the treatment with a device. Treatment time is 30mins.

Standing Up

The plastic sheet helps improve the ingredient penetration and keep the local body temperature to raise and hold the ingredient's properties.


The treatment promotes venous return, thus massaging the lymphatic system and circulatory lymphatic drainage by the active volume and removes cellulite, prevent varicose veins and capillaries and helps release toxins.


The areas particularly treated are:

abdomen, legs and hips.


Air Compression Therapy

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