Pump Function - (Deflation and Inflation Function)

Expanding of each capillary vessel by the pump function of the compression movement helps the delivery of clear blood including the increased oxygen over the whole human body and aids the removal of the bad deposits (Cholesterol, etc.)


Massage Effect

It massages fatigue and hard muscles.  It promotes the effects of exercise if it is used before and/or after exercise and it’s like a soft warming up.


Stretching Effect

When cuffs pressurize legs, arms or waist, it enables the joints to stretch naturally.


Deep Breathing Effect (Abdominal Breathing)

It makes a user breathe deeply and consciously during using a device which has many health benefits.


New and Effective


Treatments rich in active ingredients that works in synergy giving visible results already after the first session...


Disposable and Hygienic

  • Individually packed and disposable product.
  • Tissue imbued with active ingredients.
  • Tested, stable and standard formula-s.
  • Rigorous quality control.



  • Fast application and preparation of the cabin.
  • Total time for treatment: 1 hour.
  • While the bandages are left on place for 30 minutes, its possible to perform another treatment.



Wide Range of Treatments

To treat all body parts.



Increasing of the centre profitability.

  • It doesnt dirty the cabin.
  • The client doesn't have to wash him/her after the treatment.



Increasing of the centre profitability.


Easy Application

No training is necessary.


Combination with Devices

To intensify the results.

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